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Samora I3 : Creative Idea: build + together + profit

The idea is one of the important things in running things. This is an example of social ideas created by SLNSG - samuel for social purposes. Creative Writing objective in this essay is the form that is to encourage people who are in a community, government and related companies advanced and together build a better atmosphere and especially the main purpose of this is to glorify the name

The Lord Jesus Christ

because only He deserves to be praised and glorified is always in the life of God's children. Because this idea is the idea of HIS. Everything that exists on HIS Grace and not because of a strong and courageous man.

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Here are the ideas that are present in the Year 2012:

every piece that we make sure that his name makes a history. tepapi do appreciate our own history ..history of any person is extremely valuable and often forgotten. most people just put only in history books and warehouse yeng dusty and dirty.
and if necessary then only seen sebenrat then sold to the junkman. whereas in the history is there some kind of big secret and purzel latest innovations for the life to come
where history will reveal some part of the technological advances in the future.on the other side of history will bring a new challenge for the people in the days to come .. as examples of ideas that exist below there may be some people who say this idea bawha below are ideas that crazy and absurd. but it actually makes sense if if the trace of the time and the future.for example: data integration in the world and if people mengembakan skills. which includes the history of ideas that I teampilkan below has a value that is priceless. everyone can see it. and maybe people can re-take the pieces purzel innovation of ideas / innovations me.the important thing is to glorify the Lord Jesus Krsitus only. and diarlah name of the Lord Jesus be praised and glorified are always in the life of God's children.
real example of my idea is about 

  1. exploiting swasa schools and research institutes abroad as mild ... with the risetdi schools, children generate the works of new and better (research it would be nice if stored in an online store .... eg cooperate with Indonesia and scribd.com google to make GLI (Google Library Indonessia) where each research / work produced can be collected and published internationally and dapatdikembangkan again by forces under merekasaya expect any less school not just for the country but also swasta.sehingga quality public and private schools alike ... so yangseimbang intellectual competition among the schools and other schools (maybe if the country is free but if private pay but under 500,000, because the private school is too expensive) "
  2. What if klikindonesia.org Kreavi.com working with in the field of design and technology. so many design local design / of the child could be exposed bangsayang well in the media. especially in online media. actually if Kreavi.com and klikindonesia.org can work well together. menurutsaya would be nice. because the steps there is a symbiotic mutualism (mutually beneficial) especially for our beloved country, Indonesia) Kreavi.com may socialize klikindonesia.org. and mungkinklikindonesia.org can invite young designers remedy using the internet to be uploaded in Kreavi thus known to many people .. so my ideas may help
  3. make kreative park with digital libraries: I am very menyarankanagar the park's role in kreativea place called reverensi / sort of exhibition of local content and digital content (such etalaseraksasa)and records of the works / latest innovations children Indonesiayangberisikan works have been created by the children of the nation

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