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Still and move on psikologi : mobilegraphy

This is the best work in mobileGRafi SLNSG
survivors look see 
The work SLNSG Number : 

no :MOBILEGRAFI3/7/SCNSG/12/2012


Still psychology = lesson focused psychology something target objects in the picture that there is / an object intended by the photographer

Move on psychology = lessons focus more on psychology that occur in the atmosphere / surrounding a happening place

before you know that the Lord Jesus loves you ,The Lord Jesus wants you to get into heaven the real
Its not just a story but true. Because the other gods are false gods they all die .. if the dead can help you?? See Lord Jesus, He Lived

He got up .. He ascended into heaven .. And He will come again for His children who believe their practices are profoundly believing and faithful to Him

we proceed, psychology Still more teaches what we see / an object that is in front of us and focus, as well as creative thinking in order to use the tools in front of us the tools to be used to testify So it is with God's children should be able to focus on what the Lord Jesus has given us to glorify God's name and use Jesus Christ alone 

On the move on psychology more suggesting us to use everything that is around us / circumstances around us. Similarly, we are children of God who believe in the Lord Jesus. God's children should be aware of the surrounding environment. Must be able to use the existing opportunities and circumstances to witness to the people around us

Once we know the basic psychology move on and still in mobilegrafi now we will discuss about the usefulness mobilegrafi

actually from one photo has a relationship with another image processed with psychology move on and still will produce a big secret

Where is the secret of it is about the human era

Through mobilegrafi we will be able to analyze the nature and state of the world and does not mean to come we will menggetahui yangdikatakan that what the Bible about the end times will happen in this world. The world is going to pass but God's Word remains for long duration

Big Data to Analytical

Nowadays data can not only be text only but the pictures even photos. Photos of the photo will be analyzed and used a formula to create a new and better innovation A history of not only our mind but our analysis and we used to get better results so that the analysis of the sharper and better

Minimal data generated able to be seen and used as a reference data Because the data the data to be invaluable in the years to come Any existing data will result in a decision / action to help communities around the fact if we are talking about what data the data itself? ? The data itself is a very deep perbicangan Where any data present / created has many interests Although interest was sometimes ignored .. just good and useful  now that the emphasis

Actually if we're talking data ...
So there are some similarities with to what you learn?? For what you learned?? For what you collect science?? If you do not use it to glorify God's name JESUS CHRIST

Because science Everything He Know Everything he knew Life is not just about the physical but rather how we glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ 

Tag line 
do not be proud of the value / award academic / any given human being you have. but be proud, because you memuliakannanam Lord Jesus Christ

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