Jumat, 13 Mei 2016

Study of Galfat (Pyrolysis)

waste problem is a problem that is quite complicated and complex for a number of countries. where refuse a scourge that is less than each country. actually even garbage can be made or used for the development and fulfillment of energy somewhere.

especially for some big cities such as Jakarta and several other cities on the island of Java. where garbage is also one of the reasons for flooding in some places. piles of garbage can cover drains and create puddles that can damage the existing infrastukur.

how to process waste at some landfill to be a source of energy ?
what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Selasa, 26 April 2016

#App "Samora Music Studio" - #ShareYourCreation

Telah Hadir !!!

Samora Music Studio adalah  Aplikasi musik publisher untuk teman teman musisi, Insan perfilman dan animator  yang  punya  lagu/ karya / film  dan  butuh  untuk mempromosikan lagu/ karya / film  agar dapat dilihat oleh orang lain. Aplikasi ini diperuntukan  untuk  membantu teman teman  musisi , Insan perfilman dan animator  yang belum punya  media untuk menyebarkan karyanya.

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