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Psychology Semiotics: mobilegraphy in art and semiotics of life

This is the best work in mobileGRafi SLNSG
survivors look see
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What you pikirkantentang mobile pornography??
Photo usual??
Small pixel??
Not as expected??
Not as good as a DSLR??

Consider the following slide??? What you see below??
After you see the pictures on your apatangapan?? Good?? Usual??? Mobile grafi like the discussion we had mengastahui yangpertama identivikasitentang yangterpenting mobielgrafi and specifications of mobile pornography is estetikadan value history of a particularly artistic danbukan Photo ... 
(You can read more here http://newsevengenerationsiklan1.blogspot.com/2012/08/materi-mobilegrafi.html

 What do you think about the aesthetic and artistic??
 Aesthetic is where the form corresponding to human logic and is not concerned a fundamental beauty
 The artitik great importance and beauty menrupakan fixed price without or with logic 
In semiotics mobile garfi the form of pieces of human history can be understood and to understand others and to understand the situation in the surrounding
While that is the nature of Psychology mobilegrafi / behavior seen in images made / in the shooting pattern.

So we can conclude while bahwaPsikologi mobilegrafi Semiotics is
  lessons to learn how people / attitude of a person / people in the picture and or shooting logically about the behavior or situations involving a piece of history that is
In mobilegrafi we can melihatbagaimana life seseorangberdasarkan two categories namely
Still Psychology
Move on psychology

Basically, these two categories are almost identical methods tersebutmemiliki apalagidalam fundamental analysis it.
In the case of mobile analytics system uses yaitupendekatan grafi history / history
Where  of the foro we will look at the history therein 

This is called a still from one gambat psychology which are silent we will analyze what the meaning contained therein
from the image above: we can see the art side of someone who
take photos: do not want to lose the diapunyai objects and want to maintain
of the art: the attitude of love trying all ways to continue to be remembered
While that is the purpose of the move on Psychology is a photo depicting a person's situation

Here we can see what is happening from the photo shoot: we can see what you seotang efforts to find money for a spoonful of rice that he will bring home to their children
In terms of art we see an effort to commemorate each services and attitude of a person others can aar well motivated

To Still Psychology psychology and move on we will discuss in the next chapter
 What we learned semiotic life today??
 What we learned today is how life kitayang Lord Jesus has given us very valuable ..

Life has a meaning in it which is very valuable compared to everything that exists on this earth.
But if we do not menggetahuinya then you like throwing gems into times
and only God of Jesus Christ who can, want and will tell that special kepadaanda and I if we trust to Him with all our heart

The world is not going to guarantee anything to you is good, even the worst of the world might give .. But the Lord Jesus is willing to make promises and warranties true and real to all the faithful children of God and want to obey what the Word of God

And do you know if everything we do in this world will be recorded in the book of life and itâ all be responsible for the whole thing before the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus had promised to help us all children who are faithful and believe in him And this is the promise of a true and unparalleled.

  promise is not given by the person or gods other than the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior right. He wants you and me to get prize the largest, best, and most beautiful.
as long as we believe and be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ alone .. Surely the Lord Jesus has given to us. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus be praised and glorified are always in the lives of God's children only.

Psikologi Semiotik Mobilegrafi Dan Semiotika Kehidupana

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