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The new material about photography: Mobile Graphic and 3d warehouse

This is the best work in mobileGRafi SLNSG
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Work  SLNSG No : Mobilegrafi/08/ScNsG/8/2012

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Mobile pornography is one pecahandari science science of photography.
The actual name in science is Phomobgrafi but often referred to as mobile pornography
Graphi mobile image name is used to identify the science of photography on a cell phone camera lens quality is very different from

Where is the science concerned with the aesthetics of photography and everything else that can be captured by the eye and made diam.Sehingga produce an image that has more value.
While the Mobile Science grafi more important history and phenomena / stories that caught the eye of the camera

In photography using a DSLR / lens and shooter SLRyang have high enough so as to produce more value than just aesthetics
While the mobile pornography does not require a high shoort and sharp lens, but only requires the value of a history in photos and has a value esetis

Aesthetic value in use in mobile grafiadalah to capture some / niali whole or moment of history contained in an image produced by the camera catches handphone / mobile

For this time SLNSG use: mobile phones with camera capabilities Elzio brand low.
With a low camera kemampunan the results achieved only a snippet / fragment of history ..
For mobilegrafi more concerned about the value of contained in the image rather than its aesthetic
In the science of mobile pornography, we bukanhanya learn about how to get a good photo results
Rather, we learn what we do first, now, and future all will be captured as clearly as a flash photo in our lives

We know that what we create will we accounted to the Lord Jesus who gives us life
All that we do jelasdan recorded recorded clearly and in detail the
a book of life, and each person will
accountable for his actions before the Lord Jesus

Because the Lord Jesus Christ is the judge over all judges who will judge people according to what we do 
Did you also know that in all things happening in your life is by permission of the Lord Jesus

The Lord Jesus Christ is the best idea for you.
He wants to be your best friend, and He wants you to get into Kerajaa HIS (heaven)

Because in John 14:6 says that
Jesus said to him: "
I am the way and the truth and the life
. No one comes to the Father except through Me. "
Here, very clearly the Lord Jesus Christ is the Living GOD
And there is no other god of the same for the Lord Jesus is the one and only living God who has declared himself that He Lived 
Would you trust to Him, He wants you to be his friend. He wants to give you the best gift of eternal salvation Ie

We also easy to talk to him
Stay fold your hands and call God's name Jesus Christ .. and came and He will help you

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