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MobileGrafi: Data and mobikegraphy in the groove

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Data: a collection of everything that can be reused and a new data / when required

Picture and image in real is the data

Philosophy image: an image produced and out to keep as evidence. And properties can be united and can be separated and used as the new

Data and images fisalfat have a system that fills a one with the other.

Whether the system can combine images and data??

Actually, the data is very much ...

So many people think what to do with this data?

In the era of big data, then the data will  more and more. The more data that can not be touched and recycled into a new data
Then than it required an advance of coordination with each other. Eg google collaboration / create a new division that process data the old data like this. (As you see in my power point

With the data demikinan long data will not be wasted in vain, it can be used continuously. Despite its small size in the state. But allows the data. Anyone looking for the data can be viewed and can mendapatka broader knowledge than just process data and the new data is very static stable.
Old data usually have the ability to analyze the data deeper and wider imagination than on the data the data now.

Not compare but the facts prove the old data are considered people have no value, has a higher value compared with less data you hold now.

Picture / mobilegrafi merupkan result of one the most important data in the process data that exist today .. But does require special attention to retrieve the data contained in images

At the present time the picture has more data than just the tulisanan. Why??
Image, especially in the field of mobile pornography possessed impacts to well researched .... Suppose that you have seen photos. What data do you get?? Or just a waste of time??
Outline the actual data length of a human life is where the need to work hard and given everything to be motivated and to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the era of big data, and especially in the era of digitization of data then it would be nice if all of the data that can be viewed by people in the form of an image so that the data can be in the main tia plow / damaged by any hacker. Because these days many are incubators simply because the form of writing that mdah understood by hackers.
In the data collection system must be wrapped in mobilegrafi style.

In the system will be recording the event mobilegrafi picture or image that lasts sedag but the intent and purpose of shooting can only be analyzed and processed into new data.

With a system like this right facilitate program-makers in menganalisia data and develop young so as not to hack other people.
With the system that united with other disciplines that would make the data has been hacked and made. So that the data will be more secure and more flexible.

With the similarity of data and analysis it will be easier, especially in the development of data and work.

Development of data and will make the results of the work and the work of the program is growing and more and more work can be accommodated and the information obtained from an existing word

Highly expected by the incorporation of such data will only unused data the data will be automatically entered into the regeneration of the data so that the data will be updated, and can be stored

In the current era, the existing data in the world is an important thing. Where data is the data that has the interests of each other.
Datasagat everything needed (data that can be seen or not) have an interest and a precious memory

But nothing is more important is how we capitalize on existing data to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus

Because the actual data is recorded and will not disappear is the book of life

Where the data / records that we wrote a defense will be our answer to the Lord Jesus Christ

Then we use the existing data / everything we have to the glory of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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