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Karya 7: Mean art in Mobile grahpic


The development of technology is a thing that does not deny . Rapid technological developments bring us into thinking we are a practical and fast . ? ? Within methodology development " mear art " we can learn some of the most preferred in terms of technology . In the absence of the technology required to speed the development of adequate and powerful concept in technology .
 the methodology we must understand the basic concepts of mean art that is the interconnected between a picture snapped with the other so as to produce a story / technology are mutually supportive of each other .

So if there is a problem between the programs / technologies that can be supported with one then the other programs so there is a backup with each other during the program / ​​technology in the repair .

In the method we will study mobilegrafi be some early methods of technology itself . Of manufacture so that the existing data collection . Collection of existing data in the data base it is often called big data ( diaman there in the data set to be learned and developed further )

So from that point on in this mobilegrafi suggested method keterikata deep mutual advance of the data with other data so that it becomes a huge data which can be obtained easily and complementary

The data will generate a lot of new data that is more effective and even lighter .

With the development of data and a lot of light , so it will create a complete data .
By creating a lightweight and complete data will be for purposes of progress raises an increasingly efficient

Included in the mobilegrafi science that explains that the structure of the data in applying the technology in large numbers and memilii different sizes from one another .

With demikinan concept derived from Mobilegarfi for technology are: the development of the data and the data pengiritan and downsizing the data without destroying the data , it is necessary and urgent .

So we are also children of God , after studying some of the technology penerapatan mobilegrafi system . We also have to realize that many things around us that we sometimes miss .

We , as children of the Lord Jesus , we have to hold hands to be a large net to preach the word of God but on the same basis .

So that only the name of the Lord Jesus be praised and glorified in our lives are always children of God . Amin

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