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Prototype games math: grade 1 primary school children

The final project report
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Visual Communication Design

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Game is an activity that is fun for everyone. In fact not only for children but also for teenagers only, youth, even though parents. Even in the online news explained that the addiction of a child in London will be desperate to steal a motorcycle game. The child has a strong will to finish the game. Although he did not have the money to menyelesikan permainanan he played recently in internet cafes, it is as reported by Detik.com on January 21, 2013.

During development, the game is done together so it helps educate children in learning at school, so the game is done sharpen the brain and think of some strategy to beat your opponent or by the rules of sportsmanship. Although most of the previous games were played in the form of board games and game manual. But does not reduce some elements of education and learning contained in the game due. Because according to psychologists, Rosdiana Setyaningrum explains that the world is a child's world of play while learning about the environment. This is as reported by Kompas.com on April 10, 2012.

Whereas in terms of lessons, students complained that Mathematics is a very scary lesson to be learned. This is reinforced by the news of the Mathematics exam Kompas.com reported on April 18, 2012. Math is a subject that is quite difficult, because of the nature of mathematics has a structured and systematic. Where if you want to master the math, one must understand that Mathematics from the basic to the most complex calculations without being bypassed.

Thus, the authors try to make an interesting game based learning Math for 1st grade children.

problem Formulation
How to design educational game for learning the basic Math for 1st grade?

Planning To assist children in arithmetic Mathematics education in schools with more fun.

1. This educational game design in the 1st grade.
2. Discussion of the basic concepts of Mathematics 2-digit sum.

no: ACTION SCRIP/2/SCNSG156/Done/2013

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