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Creative Digital Advertising

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"Creative Digital  Advertising" 

Seminar poster dated December 17, 2012

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Inventiveness or creativity is a mental process involving the appearance gagasanatau new concepts, or new relationships between ideas and concepts that have been ada.Darisudut scientific perspective, results from inventive thinking (creative thinking) biasanyadianggap have authenticity and appropriateness. As an alternative, everyday conception of creativity is the act of making something new. Creativity in kemasakiniansangat influenced by various factors: heredity and environment

Creative industries can be defined as a set of economic activity terkaitdengan the creation or use of knowledge and information. Jugadikenal creative industries with a different name culture industries (especially in Europe or also EkonomiKreatif) Indonesia's Trade Ministry said that the creative industry is an industry that comes from the use of creativity, skill and bakatindividu to create prosperity and jobs denganmenghasilkan and exploit creativity and individual creativity . According to Howkins, Creative Economy consists of advertising, architecture, arts, crafts. design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, research and development of (R & D), software, toys and games, TV and Radio, and Video Gaming There is also definitions vary regarding the sector iniamun far explanation Howkins is still not recognized the creative internasional.Industri considered increasingly important role in supporting the economy kesejahteraandalam, various parties argued that "human creativity is The main economic resources "and that" the second century industrial pul
uh one akantergantung on the production of knowledge through creativity and innovation

Creative activities related to advertising services (one-way communication medium USING particular), which includes the creation, production and distribution dariiklan generated, for example: market research, communications planning advertising, outdoor advertising, production of advertising material, promotions, public relations campaigns, display ads on mediacetak (newspapers, magazines) and electronic (television and radio), the installation of posters and pictures, distributing leaflets, pamphlets, newsletters, brochures and similar advertisement, distribution and delivery of advertising materials or samples, as well as columns for rental ad

According to Runyon (1981:341) illustration that can be used in advertising are so varied, such as engineering drawings, photographs, paintings, drawings carton, dangambar garis.Tetapi please note that images more attractive than other types of illustrations

In an era that is so advanced now, not only through media ads print media alone. But now it will explore the world of digital advertising. Where in duniadigital has more factors than the world cetak.Bahkan penn-olson.com site said in a video presentation made by the students 4orang Singapore Management University, explained that Indonesia is thenext big thing in digital media.Wajar they assume that Indonesia is bagianterpenting of the future development of the digital world. Because, at this time only Indonesiatercatat as one of the biggest users of social networks especially Facebook and Twitter. Evidently, some Tranding topic on twitter come from chirp  Indonesia people 

One form of the use of technology in the strategy pemasaranadalah use augmented reality technology that can be found in the form of creative advertisement (ad creative). Factor of 'wow' that dihasilkandari relatively new technology that is considered fairly effective enough dalammenciptakan word of mouth communication (word of mouth) to a product or service produced perusahaan.Pengalaman consumer perceived when they get involved in an interaction or a game based on such technologies in this augmentedreality assessed many actors marketing can drive a deeper emotional timbulnyahubungan between consumers and brand.Dengan increasing competition in the business world, actors bisnisdituntut to get creative in creating marketing strategies that can minimize the distance between the consumer and the brand. Augmented reality, is one of the creative technology that can be used as a form of interactive communication in establishing a bond between the brand and the consumer

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