Kamis, 19 November 2009

Welcome to Nirmana 2D and 3D (Nirmanan datar dan nirmana ruang )

This's the projec of SL-NSG for CVD (communication Visual Desain ) / DKV

i Hope this project can help you to know about the Nirmana .

i hope too, you can give me the comment in S_liputra@yahoo.co.id /
dukung SLNSG   berkarya dengan cara mengklik 


so, i want  say Thanks for your comment and Congratulation to study nirmana 3d and 2d

SL-NSG Production and SAMORA Music center Production

SaMoRa(SMR-Production) & SL-NSG

Click Here ........

if error please  click here  NIRMANA 2d  dan Nirmana 3d

kalo gak bisa  diambil lihat aja disini 
Lihat juga disini
untuk dasar dasar desain ini teorinya ....Click here

NB: if you don't have winrar program you  can download here 
 download too Principles of Design

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